Snorkel V Kit

We like to call snorkel kits “cheap insurance” since we all know getting an engine rebuilt from mud/water damage is not easy on the wallet. A professional ATV mechanic is HIGHLY recommended to install our kits to prevent mistakes that could lead to very expensive damages! Also be advi
sed that most dealerships void warranties if a snorkel is installed, so please contact them before purchasing a kit.

Product Features:

1.5″ “Black” ABS Piping (One replaces the factory air intake tube & one houses vent lines)
Vent Line (Very flexible and does not swell or get stiff/hard in cold conditions) (NEW for 2012)
Barbed Fittings (Used for extending factory vent lines)
Rubber Couplings with Clamps (For easy installation & removal)
Threaded Couplings (For easy installation & removal)
Heat Wrap (Prevents engine heat from melting snorkel)
Dielectric Grease (Keeps mud/water out of your spark plug boot & electrical connections) (NEW for 2012)
Detailed Instructions with Pictures
ABS Cement
Zip Ties
Extreme Snorkels Sticker

Notes: Two holes will need to be drilled through your front fender for the snorkel risers. Also, the snorkel risers can be run vertical instead of slanted by switching the elbow locations during installation!