Rock Box 2-inch

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The new Rock Box is the industry’s smallest all-in-one audio source allowing you to listen to your favorite FM radio stations and mp3/ mp4’s, tell time and check temperature with ease. Features six radio station presets, home and away functions, USB port, easy to access volume controls and function buttons and an auxiliary input to connect a separate music device
All packed into a low-profile unit for hassle-free mounting and storage eliminating the need for an external mp3 player, radio head unit or satellite radio. The Rock Box is an excellent companion to any of cycle sounds speaker systems and is compatible with motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, golf carts, etc.
Powered USB port allows for mp3 playback via a thumb drive and also doubles as a charging system for most any USB device.
Approximate dimensions: 4.25” x 2.375” – 1.25” depth.
Note: You must use an OEM cable to charge an iPhone or iPod Touch using the Rock Box.
Warning: The Rock Box output is designed for a high level input of an amplified speaker system. Do not plug headphones into the Rock Box or you may damage the unit.

Also available in 3-inch  or 2½-inch